What is a Friends of Hue switch?

Whether you’re about to begin your journey with Philips Hue or you just feel like upgrading your smart light switches, you surely have come across the term Friends of Hue many times. Let’s see what it means and how you can get the most out of smart light switches like the Senic Friends of Hue Smart Switch.

What is a Hue friend?

A Friends of Hue switch is a smart light switch that gives you a seamless control over the Philips Hue smart lighting system and compatible devices. Just like conventional light switches, Friends of Hue switches have buttons and individual or double rockers. But unlike their traditional counterparts, these smart light switches are wireless and some of them are even battery-free.

Why the name Friends of Hue?

These smart light switches are called “Friends” of Hue simply because they are products that are not made by Philips but work perfectly with the Hue system. 

The products were first tested by Philips Hue before being certified and given the Philips Friends of Hue logo. They connect easily to the Philips Hue Bridge. So, you can be sure that they will be a perfect match for your Philips Hue smart lights. 

Are all smart switches battery-free?

Several manufacturers are selling their smart switches, but not all of them are battery-free. Some Signify Philips Hue switches work with lithium batteries for example. 

When it comes to Friends of Hue switches, however, you can forget about cables and installation. Most of them are very innovative in terms of energy consumption. Some are based on energy harvesting technology, like the Senic Smart Switches.

The energy harvesting technology uses the power generated by motion, for example pressing a button, to send a signal directly to your Philips Hue Bridge and to change your home ambience according to your liking. It also gives the Philips Friends of Hue switches their peculiar click sound. 

These self-powered switches give you a lot of flexibility for your home design. You can install it wherever you want on the wall, simply using adhesive. Imagine the possibilities that they offer!

Friends of Hue switches are completely remote, and that means you can also carry them around your home with full control over your lighting system. 

Are Friends of Hue offering the same control as Philips Hue switches?

Friends of Hue switches are compatible with the Philips Hue system from Signify. That means you can completely set up and personalise the lighting in your home in a few simple steps, just as you would with a Philips smart switch:

That’s a pretty nice performance if you ask us!

How do you control Philips Hue lights with a Friends of Hue?

Having perfect control over your home lighting is possible thanks to the 2 simple actions that are supported by all Philips Friends of Hue switches: press and hold.

A single short press of a button will for example turn lights on, while a long press will brighten up the light.

With a simple press of a button, it’s also possible to switch between scenes you configured in the Philips Hue app. In a few seconds, you can go from white lighting to cheerful orange and warm ambience.

Why choose a Friends of Hue switch over a Philips Hue smart switch?

There are many advantages to choosing Friends of Hue switches:

And that’s only a few reasons that can lead to choosing a Friends of Hue switch.

For example, Senic Friends of Hue Smart Switches are made in Germany with a controlled supply chain and high considerations for environmental issues.

You can learn more about this in one of our latest blog posts.

Can Friends of Hue switches be used outside?

Not all smart light switches models are suited for outdoor use, but the Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch is made especially for this. It has an IP44 protection rating, meaning that it is water-resistant and protected against sunlight.

The Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch is also wireless and battery-free, so it can be placed on a wall, on your garden table or your picnic blanket. Perfect to enjoy the ambience created with the Philips Hue outdoor system in your garden or on your terrace during summer nights. 

Just as the indoor Friends of Hue switches, it allows you to control over 50 lights and switch between several scenes - without having to be distracted by your phone.

What are the other advantages of Friends of Hue switches?

Does this already seem to be a lot for such a small product? There’s more! 

Philips Friends of Hue switches come in a variety of forms and colours that can not only fit in already installed switches frames but also match your interior to perfection.

Our switches are for example available in glossy or matte white, anthracite grey and matte black. This gives you more possibilities to find the right switch for every wall or surface. Each comes with a single rocker that can be changed in less than a minute. You can go for the look you like the most, exactly when you feel like it.

Can you control the Apple HomeKit with Friends of Hue switches ?

Some Friends of Hue switches are also fully compatible with the Apple HomeKit, like our Senic Friends of Hue Smart Switch or the Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch. They can be used to control your HomeKit devices or set up scenes as we detailed in a previous blog post. This means you can say bye to Siri and voice control. With the simple push of a switch button, you can control all your accessories, from your Homepod to your Nanoleaf light panels, remotely. 

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