What’s Coming Next For Senic Hub Software

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your support!

At Senic, we believe in creating an enriched reality in which technology supports us from the background without distraction. However, this future cannot be build in a day and it requires a lot of feedback from you.

On this page, you will find an overview of the short term updates we’re working on. Here we have outlined the next steps in our plan for NUIMO and Hub. We want to be transparent about our roadmap in the next steps and develop our products together with you.

Below is a list of frontend (e.g. changes you will see) and backend (changes that are necessary for the software infrastructure), we have prioritized them in order to make the Hub stable, fix bugs and add new features. The priorities may move based on your feedback, so you can read this as an overview of what’s coming next. We are hoping to push updates every month or two based on your feedback.

If you have any questions, requests or ideas, please just let us know! We believe in a close and personal relationship with our community and wanted to give a face to the development. We currently have 5 software engineers working on these updates.

So far we have made nearly 2,000 commits in GitHub while building out the software on the Hub, with many more to come. You can check out our repositories at Senic Hub AppSenic OS and Senic Hub.

Thanks again for your amazing support, you can always reach me at hi@senic.com and the software team for technical inquiries at developers@senic.com.

All the best,
Tobias and Team Senic

Software Update Nr. 0 — First Shipment of Hubs (DONE)

Please note that each of the parts below are large projects of several months:

Update Nr. 1 — (IN PROGRESS)

Update Nr. 2 (UPCOMING)

Update Nr. 3 (UPCOMING)

Thanks for all of your patience and feedback! If you are a developer and feel free to reach out to us with any technical questions at developers@senic.com.

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